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Testimonials from Parents and Students who have experienced school choice.

May 17, 2009

These testimonials are from parents that have experienced parental choice of schools through private vouchers awarded by a sister organization to Let’s Choose Schools in Texas, the Austin Children’s Educational Opportunity Foundation

I took my daughter out of public school because she was feeling a lot of pressure and negative influences to do the wrong things.  She was getting into trouble and was very depressed. The new school environment we chose has helped  tremendously with her self esteem and is helping her to make good choices.

Education has always been a very big part of our lives… We invest a lot of time and energy in partnering with our teachers and participating in school activities.  We strongly believe that our children will develop into successful men and women in an environment that reinforces the values and principles that we teach at home.

I feel that the method used is academically outstanding at the school we picked. The school provides a very nurturing environment for our son.  I would like for my child to get the best education possible–an education suited to his learning needs.

Taxpayers! Do you want to stop feeding the public sector? Then support tuition tax credits!

May 16, 2009

Support tuition tax credits, even if you are not that excited about school choice!

In the WSJ article entitled “Unions vs. Taxpayers“, Steve Malanga persuasively makes the point that public sector unions are the most powerful political force in government.  Their goal is to move the nation toward socialism.

If taxpayers are going to turn the nation around toward smaller government, they must cut the taxes going to the government trough that are feeding these socialists.

The most obvious way is to refuse to pay your taxes.  This approach has the inconvenient consequence of  having the IRS hot on your trail.  Is there a safer way to keep the tax money out of  the public sector?

Yes!  It is tax credits!  With tax credits, the money is still coming out of your pocket, but it stays in the private sector!

What is the biggest spigot that can be turned off with tax credits?  School Taxes!  How big is this spigot?  When you add state, local, and federal money going to public education, it is bigger than the defense budget!  State and local taxes make up more than 80% of this money.

How do we turn off this spigot?  Tuition tax credits are the answer.  With tuition tax credits, all your school tax dollars could be redirected to the private school sector before the public sector gets their greedy hands on it.  But you get a second benefit.

In addition to keeping the money away from the teacher unions, you allow private schools to teach the kids to be productive members of society, rather than preparing them to be wards of the state.

When those kids become productive members of society, they also become TAXPAYERS!  More taxpayers means more people that want smaller government.

If you want smaller government, the first place to start is with tuition tax credits, EVEN IF YOU LOVE YOUR LOCAL PUBLIC SCHOOL!

A School Choice Program in Texas

September 8, 2008