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Testimonials from Parents and Students who have experienced school choice.

May 17, 2009

These testimonials are from parents that have experienced parental choice of schools through private vouchers awarded by a sister organization to Let’s Choose Schools in Texas, the Austin Children’s Educational Opportunity Foundation

I took my daughter out of public school because she was feeling a lot of pressure and negative influences to do the wrong things.  She was getting into trouble and was very depressed. The new school environment we chose has helped  tremendously with her self esteem and is helping her to make good choices.

Education has always been a very big part of our lives… We invest a lot of time and energy in partnering with our teachers and participating in school activities.  We strongly believe that our children will develop into successful men and women in an environment that reinforces the values and principles that we teach at home.

I feel that the method used is academically outstanding at the school we picked. The school provides a very nurturing environment for our son.  I would like for my child to get the best education possible–an education suited to his learning needs.

A School Choice Program in Texas

September 8, 2008