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Dallas ISD Has Some Serious Competition in Detroit Public Schools.

August 13, 2009

I found some priceless tidbits in the WSJ article, Detroit School Woes Deepen.

…[T]he state sent an emergency financial manager, Robert Bobb, to straighten out the city’s ailing school system.  A probe launched by Mr. Bobb uncovered paychecks going to 257 “ghost” employees…

…Keith R. Johnson, president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers… said there has been a “tendency to over-dramatize the level of corruption and the financial impact.”

Mr. Bobb… faced scrutiny himself this week when it came to light that he has awarded a no-bid contract worth nearly $1 million to a firm he used to work for… based in Philadelphia.  A spokesman for Mr. Bobb didn’t return several calls…

Plagued by poor test scores and occasionally violence – including multiple shootings near the locations of the district’s… summer-school program this year…

…[T]he district only graduates around one in four students who enroll in ninth grade…

Okay, Dallas ISD, I challenge you to beat this level of corruption.

Dallas News Prints 2 Trashy Letters in a Row

July 1, 2009

I am very disappointed with the editor of the Letter to the Editors page at the Dallas Morning News.  On two successive days, you printed letters from Ms. Bridges, president of the Texas AFT, on June 28, and from Rep. “I hate Charter Schools” Burnam on June 29.  The two letters were both about the charter school expansion bill and both were full of the same lies.  I suspect that Rep. Burnam was reading off of Ms. Bridges letter when he wrote his.  Their letter titles differ by only one word.

Why do you print the same pack of lies two days in a row?  It makes it very difficult for those of us who know the truth to keep responding to this stuff.  We have better things to do than to spend time correcting the trash that you keep printing.

Since every sentence of their letters are lies, a thorough response requires 5 words to every one of theirs. For a refutation of Burnam’s letter, please read my response to Bridges’ letter.

Bob Schoolfield