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Join the National Education Reform Movement!

January 6, 2011

Michelle Rhee, former Chancellor of Washington DC Public Schools, has started a national education reform grassroots movement called

Please join her organization as well as the Texas subgroup called “Texas for Education Reform.”  That way we can stay in touch with what the group is doing in Texas and on the national level.

Also while you are at it, please “like” my FaceBook “fan page” named “Texans for Parental Choice in Education.”

Thank you in advance.  I’m so excited about the education reform policies that could become law during the Texas legislative session this spring!

Michelle Rhee Starts Grassroots Group!

December 11, 2010

A WSJ article by Stephanie Banchero describes StudentsFirst, an education-reform grassroots organization, started by ex-chancellor of DC schools, Michelle Rhee.   Highlights:

Former Washington, D.C., schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee launched a national advocacy group Monday to support political candidates and school districts that embrace substantial changes in public education.

Through the group, StudentsFirst, Ms. Rhee hopes to raise $1 billion to dole out to political candidates who support her policies and to local school districts that adopt the group’s prescriptions, such as linking teacher tenure to student test scores.

“We are trying to shift the balance of power in the education landscape away from the powerful groups who want to keep the status quo,” Ms. Rhee said….  “We are going to be the group that is advocating on behalf of kids.”

She wants the bulk of contributions to come via her website,

Ms. Rhee stepped down from the Washington job in October after Mayor Adrian Fenty, who appointed her, was defeated in the Democratic primary by Vincent Gray. In her three years in Washington, Ms. Rhee became the most vocal proponent of a controversial national movement for transforming K-12 schools.

Ms. Rhee hopes to attract more than one million supporters nationwide who will embrace her policies and push them locally…

“This will not be for the faint of heart,” she said.

StudentsFirst will donate to political candidates who support legislation in line with its agenda.

Letters to the Editor about Rhee’s Departure

October 19, 2010

The WSJ has two letters to the editor printed in response to the editorial entitled “Education Reform Setback.”

The first is a conservative letter coming to the conclusion that the unions position is not about the kids or the teachers. “It’s all about the money, stupid.”

The second is a somewhat incoherent liberal letter. What does the following sentence mean? “Anyone who works for a salary realizes that such an approach could unfairly victimize himself…” If anyone victimizes himself, who is the oppressor? I’m not sure that Mr. Brenner knows what his “own best interest” is.

Michelle Rhee Talks About Her Resignation

October 19, 2010

Watch Oprah Talk About “Waiting for Superman”

September 28, 2010

Oprah Winfrey has highlighted the problem with failing schools and has told everyone to see the movie, “Waiting for Superman”.  Her show is on the five YouTube videos below.

Visit Fandango to find the theaters and times where you can see “Waiting for Superman” in your zip code.