Summary of Texas Parent “Trigger” Bill

The Petition

The Parent Trigger Bill allows the parents of children who are assigned to one particular public school to petition for a change in management of their school. If the parents of a majority of the children assigned to that school sign the petition, the bill requires that the school district to enact their request.

The Request

The petition asks for the management of the school to be given to a private management company, i.e. a charter school.  This charter school is called a “Campus Charter School” because it will be operated using the same campus and the same “attendance zone” as the original public school.  The charter school management company would be named in the petition.

One Response to “Summary of Texas Parent “Trigger” Bill”

  1. Rebecca Gomez Says:

    To Whom It May Concern: I agree wholeheartedly on reducing the salaries of Superintendents, and implementing a system whereby a Superintendent’s office can channel the necessary policies and procedures without having to rely on the “area superintendents,” also taking a big bite out of the school budget, Was it not the Superintendent dealt with all the problems that corresponded to his desk? Oh, now there are area superintendents and team teaching non state mandated procedures, catering to the illiteracy in education in South Texas and the drop out rate and this comes from a grandparent involved with public schools for five years straight and watching and experiencing horrifically, how a handicapped child fell through the cracks of the system because of the inadequate staff at certain public schools, so do we need parental involvement in public schools? YES, and its urgent that parents understand students have rights too. I commend you on your struggle on behalf of students and parents.

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