Part 1: Find your State Senator & Representative

Objective: Find out who your State Senator and State Representative are and print or save their contact information.


1. Use your internet browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) to go to this webpage

2. Type in your address and click “Submit” button.

3. Print or Save this webpage as an HTML Document.  Or just write down  the State Senator & Representative Contact Information.

The most important name on this document is the name and phone number of your “Texas State Representative”. It is after “Texas State Senator” and before “Texas State Board of Education Member”. Why? Because the State Representative district is the smallest district. Therefore your vote counts more, since there are fewer total voters.

If you finish this lesson, please send me a email so that I can know who has completed what.
Bob Schoolfield

In the next lesson, you will call your State Representative. I will suggest what you can say over the phone.

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