Our Mission

Mission Statement

To build a bi-partisan, volunteer-led, grassroots and grass-tops team throughout Texas in order to pass and defend Universal Educational Choice legislation.

Team Distinctives

The distinctives of the new non-profit grassroots organization will be to:

  1. Promote Universal Educational Choice Legislation that meets the educational choice need of all Texas families.
  2. Focus on building broad grassroots and “grass-tops” support in all areas of Texas.
  3. Be a truly bi-partisan team, which will expend significant effort in both Democratic and Republican areas.
  4. Be a predominantly volunteer team. The board, CEO, officers, and grassroots organizers will all be volunteers.
  5. Build a team of supportive relationships.

1. Universal Educational Choice Legislation

Universal Educational Choice is the true goal of all who want the best for the families of Texas. Only universal educational choice will:

• Result in the largest competitive free market that will provide the most alternatives for all the families of Texas.

• Be able to build political support in all areas of Texas in order to maximize the team’s political and financial power.

2. Grassroots and Grass-tops Focus

The opponents to educational choice are formidable. The teacher’s unions have two powerful political assets. They have:

• Money. Significant funds are collected from the great majority of the public school teachers, who are members of a union.

• A statewide grassroots network. The major employer in every rural county is the public school system. Even in urban counties there are many employees organized by ISD and individual school.

In order to combat this powerful political foe, an effective educational choice team must build the same two assets.

• Money. The new team must be funded by broad grass-tops support for visionary business leaders in all areas of the state

• A statewide grassroots network. The new team must build a broad grassroots support network among parents, private schools, churches, and other civic organizations.

3. Non-partisan Team

In the past, the educational choice organizations in Texas have been very partisan. Virtually all the support has come from legislators and donors that are Republican. All legislative votes regarding educational choice have closely followed party lines, although the movement has started to loose many Republican votes in addition to all Democratic votes.

Since educational choice is a fundamental change in how education is funded, it can never pass with the additional baggage of being a partisan issue. The movement must take ground within the teacher union stronghold, the Democratic Party.

4. Volunteer Team

The Texas educational choice movement has been handicapped by some salaried “tares”, which has choked out the volunteer “wheat”. The only way to avoid this is by having leadership positions reserved exclusively for volunteers. If leaders do not care enough about school choice to volunteer their time, then they should not be in a position of leadership. Most funds will be used to provide resources necessary for grassroots and grass-tops team building.

5. Team of Supportive Relationships

Grassroots and Grass-tops organizing is very much like team building. Whether it is a sports team or a business development team, the relational nature of team building is basically the same. The leaders invite, encourage, equip, and empower team members to make them individually more effective for the ultimate goal of passing and defending universal educational choice legislation. The team corporately becomes powerful through the communication and mutual support of effective team members.

Robert Schoolfield
Phone: 512.327.9195
Mobile: 512.461.3126
E-Mail: bob@ceoaustin.org

6 Responses to “Our Mission”

  1. Ben Levine Says:

    Love the stressing of choice in education. It’s an undoubted need.

  2. Melissa Says:

    What your mission statement says and what you support in the Parent Trigger Bill are contradictary. It sounds like the Charter School Movement is out to eliminate the competition. Not cool. What we were “told” that we were supporting at State Capitol Day IS NOT what we were actually lobbying for. The proposed bill is very wrong. I WILL NOT support it and I have already retracted my support with my State Representatives AND I am spreading the misinformation to others. I am feeling USED and BETRAYED. I believe in REAL Free School Choice for EVERYONE…NOT in bullying others to follow our way.

  3. Parental Choice in Education Says:


    If you will calm down, I would like to talk to you about your concerns.

    1. Texans for Parental Choice in Education that is supporting the parent-trigger bill has no ties with Texas Charter School Association that sponsored the charter school day.

    2. Texans for Parental Choice in Education’s long-term mission has not changed, but we believe that the parent-trigger bill is a necessary short-term stepping stone toward the ultimate goal of tuition tax credits for all children in Texas. On the home webpage in the right-hand column, please read under “Our Mission” the page “Strategy: Short-term Goals vs. Long-term Goals”.

    Bob Schoolfield
    Texans for Parental Choice in Education
    512-327-9195 office
    512-461-3126 mobile

    • Ana Says:

      actually if you are in the right catagories on this site it can be very eaatdcionul. MySpace I personally feel is a joke more of a dating or attracting site. FaceBook I have never heard of, so I wouldn’t think that its very eaatdcionul either.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    We (I) focus on the state we live in. There are about 30 organizations representing the School Choice movements in other states. Their are other Texas groups representing charter schools and homeschooling. There are also big national organizations that have annual conferences. But it’s discouraging because Texas is the only big red state that has no voucher program. The reason is more complex than I can address in this email. Thanks for your interest.

  5. Parental Choice in Education Says:

    Hello Ralph, what you call “the US educational process” is a government protected monopoly. Parents have no control over a government protected and controlled school. They are taxed (something they cannot control) and the money is distributed without their input. It is similar to the post office. Even though they sell stamps, they always run a deficit and are bailed out by the federal government.

    However, private enterprise is not supported by tax revenue. It is supported by customers, who of their own free will choose to make a purchase. A private school cannot control who walks through their door. It must “attract” customers by giving them a service that the parents consider valuable. There is a cost for choosing the school because the school needs revenue from the parents. There is freedom for the school and freedom for the parents. The true value of a school is the quality of the teachers and administrators. How do they treat and teach the kids? The facilities are not going to be as nice as a public school. But buildings don’t teach student. Teachers teach, so teacher quality is the first priority for any private school.

    I hope I’ve conveyed that public schools cannot be improved, because they have no customers.

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