TEA Harasses Exemplary Charter School


The TEA is hard at work spending taxpayers’ money to improve the educational outcomes in Texas, NOT!

El Paso’s 900-student Burnham Wood Charter School District [is] hit hard by a [negative] report from the Texas Education Agency… [Iris Burnham, the charter school district’s superintendent,] estimates they have spent $200,000 so far defending itself against TEA charges.

Why is the charter school being attacked? Not because is has poor educational outcomes. It is simply because it is a successful charter school.

The highly regarded Burnham Wood District earned an exemplary academic rating in 2010, and a recognized rating in 2011.

But among the thousands of schools that the TEA oversees, how did they even notice Burnham Woods, a small school with an exemplary rating? It’s because of disgruntled former employees.

Burnham Wood officials and lawyers contend that TEA’s actions, prompted by complaints from former employees, have been unwarranted, over-reaching and punitive.

If this situation angers you, do something productive. Call Commissioner Robert Scott (512-463-9451) and ask him to stop this TEA witch-hunt against Burnham Woods?

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One Response to “TEA Harasses Exemplary Charter School”

  1. Alejandra Says:

    Sounds to me that seeling her own properties for the district schools, chargeing more that she sould have, using state resources for her prived school, having her daughter, sun in law and I believe even her son as the administrators and members of the beoard present serious ethical issues, if not illegalities.
    Yes, they dont offer bilingual or ESL education.. but that is an academic issue.. all I can say is WOW!
    Texas Education Agency harrasing them?? I would say TEA shoudl have acted before on this one.. And who cares who raised the issues to TEA.. the reality is it’s happening
    Shame on you!

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