Parents Want Charter School to Take Over Eastside Memorial High School


This post from the KVUE website shows an opportunity to use a new law, SB 738, to give Eastside Memorial to a private manager.   Highlights:

After 12 years of failure, parents want the school run by East Austin College Prep Academy according to Susana Almanza, an East Austin native.

Eastside Memorial … saw nearly 30 percent of its seniors from the Green Tech portion of Eastside, fail to graduate this past year.

“… [We’re] talking about 12 years,” said Almanza.  “We have lost a whole generation of students there.”

[M]any neighbors [want] a nearby charter school, East Austin College Prep Academy, to take over the Eastside campus.

AISD Superintendent, Meria Carstarphen says the campus isn’t for lease.

The next community meeting is in two weeks, on June 30th.

One Response to “Parents Want Charter School to Take Over Eastside Memorial High School”

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