Please Send a “Thank You” Email to Rep. White!


Please send a simple email to .  Just say “Thank you for filing HB 3339”.

Rep. James White deserves our deepest gratitude for filing the Parent-Trigger Bill, HB 3339.

Now Listen Fellow Activists!  I’m going to ask Rep. White how many emails he gets.  He better get at least 200 or I’m going to get after you!

Now that we have a bill number, there will be many times between now and June 1 that I’m going to ask you to call, email, or write key legislators from whom we will need support.  Your response will be ABSOLUTELY VITAL to the success of passing this bill and helping the kids escape from bad schools.  The unions and status quo defenders will likely respond with 5 times as many calls and letters than us, but that’s OK because the legislators know that we are the thinkers and responsible citizens.  Each of our calls is worth more than 5 calls from the status quo defenders who have been the cause of the problem.

Rep. White can only do this if we carry him on our shoulders of support.  So get in the habit now of responding to my calls for action.  Show him that you are one of the most active grassroots teams in Texas.  MAKE HIM PROUD OF YOU!

Please don’t call him right now with “thank you’s” because you will just keep his receptionist distracted from her other responsibilities.  However, if you cannot contain your joy, call me, Bob Schoolfield, at 512-461-3126 and I will pass on your enthusiasm.

I thank God for each one of you even though we are only Facebook friends or fans.  Each one of you is so valuable and needed.  I want to have celebration parties all over the state when we see our bill become law.

But this isn’t really “our bill”.  It is God’s bill, and we will glorify Him as we work in the earthly realm of politics with a heavenly mission.  Our mission is to bring these children out of the darkness of broken schools into schools where they can learn how to read, write, and do arithmetic, hold down good jobs, build healthy families, and rebuild our nation.

Our job this legislative session has just begun.  Thank you for joining the team!

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