Fat Cat Superintendents Cry About Having to Close Schools


Public School Superintendents all across the state are crying about how they will have to fire teachers and close schools.  Could they take a salary cut?  Empower Texans has a great post to explain the crocodile tears. Highlights:

Everyone’s heard the doomsday scenario: Budget shortfalls are imminent for school districts across the state and the only way these cash-strapped entities can afford to make due is to cut teachers. Never-mind that superintendent salaries and benefits have actually been steadily increasing lately.

Take Amarillo ISD superintendent Rod Schroder’s salary for example. His salary has increased by 11% since 2008, up to $265,980 annually, yet he still found it necessary to testify in front of the Senate Finance Committee about having to reduce staff.

Round Rock ISD superintendent Jesus Chavez, who claims his district will have to cut $73 million out of its budget despite its $200 million Rainy Day Fund, makes a base salary of $252,875. Terry Grier, superintendent of Houston ISD, makes over $300,000 a year.

And that’s not even counting the “perks” issued to these officials like “car allowances”, annuities, bonuses, and life insurance policies. Eanes ISD (Westlake High School in Austin) even pays the income and medicare taxes on superintendent Nola Wellman’s salary! Those kind of “perks” would even make corporate CEO’s blush.

Texas public schools have inflated the number of non-teaching staff to a near 1:1 ratio (it was only 5:1 teachers to non-teachers 40 years ago).

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    Great style. I wish I could write that way.

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