Parent Trigger: A New Right for the Parents of California. Let’s make it a right in Texas!


This is the law that has passed in California. We hope, with your help, that we can pass it in Texas this legislative session. Our plan is to only have the charter school option since it is the truly powerful option.

3 Responses to “Parent Trigger: A New Right for the Parents of California. Let’s make it a right in Texas!”

  1. Gordon Broward Says:

    So do we start in Texas? Do we have a parent union. My child does go to a pretty good school. I want to keep those good schools/good teachers, and throw out the ones that don’t care that are only there for a paycheck and nothing more. That is what makes me sick about the schools in Texas and particularly the Plano School District. They like others in Texas have way too many bureaucrats and over paid administrators. Let’s stop that abuse first, then turn our sights towards improving the schools. Our teachers have a tough job.

  2. Parental Choice in Education Says:


    Thank you for responding to my post. I appreciate your frustration about the wasted money spent on superintendents salaries and bloated bureaucracy. If parents had the power to stop the abuse, they would have stopped it a long time ago. The problem is that currently we don’t have the power. Parents cannot stop a superintendent from paying himself a six figure salary. The only people that can stop that is the school board, but most board members are picked by the unions. The board elections are never on a normal election days and they are never at the normal voting locations. The unions make sure that every public school employee knows exactly where and when to vote, but they don’t advertise it to the general public. That’s why the school board members are lap dogs for the superintendents.

    This parent trigger bill levels the playing field. The battleground is not an entire school district, but a single school. The petition frees the parents from having to show up at a particular place and a particular time. Finally, public school employees don’t get to vote (unless their child is attending the school where they are working.)

    The power of the charter school is that it has a private school-management company. They can’t vote themselves a higher salary. They get a fixed amount of money per child as set out in the management contract. Some management companies are better than others which is alway true in the private sector. But the parent trigger law allows the parents to present another petition to change the management company if they decide it is not doing a good enough job.

    Another powerful aspect of the law is that the teachers at charter schools are not unionized. That is the single reason that the unions hate charter schools. They complain that charter schools are “not accountable” or the charter school managers might take the money and run. They don’t believe what they are saying. They just want YOU to believe what they are saying.

  3. Parental Choice in Education Says:


    You asked, “Do we have a parent union?” That is what this organization is about. I have 1,500 personal Facebook friends and 500 likers on the “Texans for Parental Choice in Education” Facebook Fan Page.

    There is also a national “parents union”. It is at Go sign up there and join the Texas sub-group.

    If you have any sort of club or group of parents, I am available to come speak about the parent trigger in particular and Texas education reform in general.

    Bob Schoolfield
    Texans for Parental Choice in Education
    512-327-9195 office
    512-461-3126 mobile

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