Rep. Kelly Hancock Preparing to File Powerful Ed Reform Bill!


Good news fellow Texans!

Rep. Kelly Hancock from Ft. Worth is preparing to file a powerful bill.

The bill, called the “Parent Trigger,” would allow parents whose kids attend one particular public school to collect signatures on a petition to change the school’s management to a private management company free of union ties.  Then the school will be run effectively and efficiently outside of union control.  The name for this privately managed school is a charter or contract school.  Collecting a majority of parent signatures would “trigger” or force the school district to make the conversion.  A small voucher program for the kids at that school could be added.

The power of the Parent Trigger is that it will give parents a way to change their public school down the block; one school at a time.

Please call (512-463-0599) or email ( Rep. Hancock to thank him for proposing the Parent Trigger.

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