A Denton Charter School Educates Kids With a Special Need


A press release from UBH Denton, a DFW psychiatric hospital, describes Legends Academy,  a unique charter school.  Highlights:

University Behavioral Health of Denton (UBH), the premier mental health facility in north Texas, has announced a partnership with Legends Academy charter school that will allow students who are being treated at UBH Denton to continue their education without interruption while they are away from their usual school.

The school is conveniently located adjacent to UBH Denton…

Not only does the educational arrangement keep UBH Denton’s school-age patients current in their schoolwork, but it also addresses what can be a source of mental health problems for many of them.

“Whether it is some sort of learning challenge, or a bullying issue, school can be a trigger for our younger patients,” explained Susan Young, CEO of UBH Denton.

Not all of them are UBH patients, however, as the school is more than just a temporary option for patients. Several UBH patients have already enrolled in Legends Academy on a permanent basis, finding the school a better learning environment for them.

“This is a tremendously positive opportunity for the children we treat at UBH Denton,” Young said. “It allows them to continue their education while they are with us and even to get caught up educationally in areas where they might have been having trouble before beginning treatment. It also serves as a viable alternative to continuing their schooling once their treatment is completed here.”

One Response to “A Denton Charter School Educates Kids With a Special Need”

  1. WhoDat? Says:

    I would not trust UBH Denton for anything. See http://www.ubhdentonsucks.com

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