Sen. Shapiro Hails New Charter School for Kids with Autism


At a news conference announcing the opening of two charter schools for autistic children in San Antonio, Sen. Florence Shapiro (R-Plano) renewed her call for the Legislature to allow more charter schools than the current statutory cap [of 215] allows. Shapiro has filed bills in the past few sessions trying to provide more educational options for autistic children and their parents.

The school is a public school operating under a charter issued by the elected State Board of Education and overseen by the Texas Education Agency. Charles Cook, CEO of Responsive Education Solutions, told reporters that operating as a charter school allows the school to accept autistic children from the entire metropolitan area, rather than merely from one neighborhood or school district.

“I’m not sure you’ll ever solve the issue if you keep having caps on your charter school numbers,” said Shapiro, “because then you can’t be very flexible and you can’t look at new and creative ideas. Fortunately for us, ResponsiveEd already has a charter and this is one of their schools under that charter.

SOURCE  The Lone Star Report, Volume 15, Iss. 10, 10/15/2010

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