Superman Scares Teacher Unions!


Great WSJ Editorial about union reaction to “Waiting for ‘Superman'”.  Highlights:

The new film “Waiting for ‘Superman'” is getting good reviews, and to judge by the film’s opponents it is having an impact.  Witness the scene on a recent Friday night in front of a [cinema] in New York City, where some 50 protestors blasted the film as propaganda for charter schools.

Teachers unions and the public school monopoly have long benefitted from wielding a moral trump card. They claimed to care for children, and caring was defined solely by how much taxpayers spent on schools.

That moral claim is being turned on its head as more Americans come to understand that teachers unions and the public bureaucracy are the main obstacles to reform.

The waiting list in Harlem to attend a charter is more than 11,000 and nationwide it is an estimated 420,000. The teachers unions continue to wield enough power to deny choices to these students, but their days as political supermen are numbered.

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