Unions Mad Because the Newspaper Published Teachers’ “Grades”


This is a hilarious WSJ article, “Teachers for Coverups.” A teachers’ union is upset that the L.A. Times would have the audacity to print the performance grades of L.A. public school teachers.  Highlights:

[T]he unions are objecting to a newspaper bold enough to report . . . the news.

[O]n Sunday the Los Angeles Times published evaluations of some 6,000 city school teachers based on how well their students performed on standardized tests.

Since 1990, K-12 education spending has grown by 191% and now consumes more than 40% of the state budget. The Cato Institute reports that L.A. spends almost $30,000 per pupil, including capital costs for school buildings, yet the high school graduation rate is 40.6%, the second worst among large school districts in the U.S.

The [posted] database generated 230,000 page views within hours of being published on the paper’s website….

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten told ABC News that she objects to the Times publishing the database because it’s an “unreliable” gauge of teacher effectiveness…[S]he wants to shoot the messenger for telling readers things they clearly want to know.

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