NAACP Doesn’t Like Charter Schools, But the Parents It “Represents” Do


Good WSJ Op-Ed by Harvard researchers that shows the disconnect between the NAACP and the parents they are supposed to represent.


Claiming to speak for minority Americans, the [NAACP and the National Urban League] expressed “reservations” about the Obama administration’s “extensive reliance on charter schools.” They specifically voiced concern about “the overrepresentation of charter schools in low-income and predominantly minority communities.”

Someone should remind these leaders who they represent.

[Our surveys have found that] support for charters among African Americans rose to 49% in 2009, up from 42% in 2008. This year it leapt upward to no less than 64%. Among Hispanics support jumped to 47% in 2010, from 37% in 2008.

Opposition to charters is expressed by 14% of African-Americans and 21% of Hispanics. Twenty-three percent of African-Americans and 33% of Hispanics take a neutral position.

Meanwhile, charter support among public school teachers has slipped to 39% in 2010, from 47% in 2008. Teachers unions know how to mobilize their constituency.

Education reform has emerged as a wedge issue for the Democratic Party…. Democrats for Education Reform, a renegade group supporting charters and other school reforms, has gained surprising influence at the highest levels of the Obama administration.

2 Responses to “NAACP Doesn’t Like Charter Schools, But the Parents It “Represents” Do”

  1. Blake Davis Says:

    Pulease….the NAACP is a Democrat front group – this despite the fact that the Democrat party has adopted policies that have:

    (1) Destroyed the black family

    (2) criminalized a substantial part of the black community

    (3) provided for liberal immigration that have robbed the black community of millions of jobs – and you won’t find a more anti-immigrant group than blacks – which is something the media carefully hides

    (4) destroyed the cultural imperative toward education in the black community

    (5) encouraged leaders in the black community more interested in promoting pro-Democrat Policies at the expense of the community and, among other things

    (6) adopted a cultural imperative – political correctness – under which it is considered racist to even talk about these problems. In short, the Democrat Party has done ore damage to the black community than a thousand white supremacist groups could have done. Makes you wonder when you recall that the Democrat party was the party of the KKK…..You could have asked ‘Grand Dragon” or something Senator Byrd of West Virginia a few short years ago.

    think about that next time you are at the ballot box…

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