Three Cheers for PA State Senator Williams!


Senator Williams is an African-American candidate in the Democratic primary for governor of Pennsylvania.  Unafraid of the union bosses of the Democratic party, he is a man of principle as this WSJ Op Ed reveals.  Men of character like him will make school choice a truly bipartisan issue.  Amen!


School choice means supporting the full menu of educational options, including public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, and vocational schools, just to name a few. Parents should have the right to choose which school is best for their children. The money should follow the child.

Competition improves quality in every industry, including the field of education.

If a charter school or a private school spending between $16,000 and $20,000 per student doesn’t produce positive results, parents will withdraw their children from the school and the school will—deservedly—fail. But parents don’t have the option of withdrawing their children from a failing public school. Today’s system permits failing schools to continue, penalizing less fortunate children who only get one chance for an education.

As an African-American legislator, I’ve seen children in inner-city schools trapped, and I’ve seen kids in rural areas with no choice but to stay in underperforming schools. Changing the status quo is a big reason why I’m running for governor.

[W]hen we empower parents to choose the school that’s best for their children, it serves as a constant audit of a school’s quality because parents are able to leave bad schools and enroll their children in better performing schools.

Children in our state can’t wait any longer: Now is the time for school choice.

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