Is a Teachers’ Union a Legalized Mafia?


Shane Cronin doesn’t pull any punches in his Column in the at University of Massachusetts.


The teachers unions are possibly the biggest hurdle a student must overcome to receive a high school diploma. [Ready] to meet every educational innovation is a union leader with a billy club. They are analogous to legalized mafia.

Across the country merit pay, school choice, policy reform and scholarships for low-income children were vigorously opposed by the unions. This keeps well-paid union higher-ups rich and low-income underperforming students poor.

Termination is virtually non-existent among tenured teachers in the U. S. … In Los Angeles, between 1995 and 2005, [10 years!] only 112 tenured teachers were fired. In 2003, the city graduated only half its high school seniors.

[Lack of termination] is largely due to legal expenses [incured by the school district when] firing tenured educators …, which can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 depending on the district.

Union leaders, like mafia bosses, are all about dough. Teachers shell out hundreds of dollars per year to feed the hungry union hierarchy. Union leaders earn six-figure salaries, which is exponentially more than many of the teachers they claim to represent.

Ahh, the passion of youth.  You go get’m Shane!

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