Charter School for “Special Needs” Students


Read about Star Charter School located in north Austin for young “professional” high schoolers.

Some highlights:

“I think we’re one of Austin’s best-kept secrets,” Principal Marsha Hagin said. “We have actresses, gymnasts, musicians. Each is invested in their own thing, but they’re also invested in their education.”

[Star’s] campus, which received the highest academic rating under the state accountability system, offers small classes and four-hour days.

A gravel road also takes you to the tan portables housing 16 classrooms where some of Austin’s Olympic hopefuls, future Broadway stars and up-and-coming musicians receive their education.

Star lets [Kevin] Fish pursue his goal of becoming a world-class mountain biker and a London 2012 Olympian, he said, while “setting me up for the future. I’ll have a good education to fall back on.”

Barrel racer Caitlin Harrington , ranked 10th in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association junior division, transferred to Star in her sophomore year of high school. The traditional high school schedule kept her from going to all of her races…

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