WSJ says Detroit schools do need school choice.


This Wall Street Journal editorial addresses the financial crisis in Detroit’s public school system described earlier in the week.

Here is my succinct answer.

1. A government protected monopoly school system controlled by the teachers unions.

2. The teachers unions feed off the monopoly school system and know that they will lose power if the monopoly is broken.

3. Teachers unions are the most powerful political interest group in the nation.  They have money, from union dues, and a built-in grassroots network, all public school employees.

Answer:  Parental choice in education through
1. charter schools,
2. voucher programs, and
3. tuition tax credit programs.

1. All principles will ask their parents, “How can I help you and your child be successful and keep you at our school?”

2. All parents say, “I am invested in this school because I chose it for my child.  I’m going to do (with my child and the school) what I can to make my investment successful.”

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