TEA Introduces New “Accountability” System.


Once again, truth is stranger than fiction!

The teachers unions constantly say that they want better “accountability”, especially for charter schools.  Well, the TEA has delivered in spades!

Here is how the new “accountability” system works.  Let’s say that Billie flunked the TAKS test.  Now, the TEA has a new “special formula” that will predict whether Billie is expected to pass the TAKS test next year.  If the formula predicts that Billie will pass the TAKS next year, then the TEA will change his grade to say he passed the TAKS this year, even though he flunked this year!!

Brilliant!!  You get two for one. You get “better” accountability, and you help Billie’s self-esteem at the same time!

I know it’s hard to imagine, but it’s TRUE!

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