Good News! Senator Patrick’s Plan B has worked so far!


I can now tell you about Plan B.  Since SB 1830 is stalled in the House, Senator Patrick decided to attach the engrossed version bill (the version that the Senate passed unanimously) as an amendment to HB 3646 which had already passed the House.

He was successful.  SB 1830 was successfully attached as an amendment to HB 3646, and HB 3646 was successfully passed by the Senate.

The chicken is almost hatched, but not just yet.

One hurdle is left.  Since the version of HB 3646 that passed the Senate is quite a bit different than the version that passed the House, a Conference Committee made up of members from the House and Senate will meet to reconcile the differences.  Since the House has refused to pass most of the Senate’s bills, the Conference Committee members from the House will be in a weakened position to remove any of the Senate amendments.

I’ll let you know about the Conference Committee results as soon as I find out.

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