Barack Obama, Hypocrite of the United States and the DC Voucher Program


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4 Responses to “Barack Obama, Hypocrite of the United States and the DC Voucher Program”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    why change texas tax payers taxes,have the parents that want to change the taxes to more for schools just donate the money they want extra to go towards the school

  2. Parental Choice in Education Says:

    I agree. But I think they are more interested in spending “other people’s money” than they are in spending “their money”.

    • David Says:

      Researches and economists adinactvog for Universal Pre-K are able to talk the jargon to make people believe a universal approach (or as you say, large scale approach) would benefit most children regardless of the conclusive evidence that not all children do. Yes, children that would otherwise not have an opportunity to attend preschool, such as those living in rural areas will benefit. Yes, those with English as a 2nd language will benefit. Yes, those would come from disadvantaged backgrounds will benefit. Cherry picking the benefits and applying them to the larger population is not reason enough to implement government funded universal programs, whether they be provided by public or private institutions. We need to be much more responsible with our resources.I keep going back to targeted vs. universal issue because the entire premise of your blog is to encourage the development of government funded preschool for all children. Obviously, I am just as passionate about this issue as the advocates and feel all sides should be presented to our representatives not just those the advocates choose to publicize.

    • dzbpps Says:

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