Darwin Not Responsible for Evolution Fight, Blame the Schools


The CATO Institute has an excellent article entitled OPINION: Darwin Not Responsible for Evolution Fight, Blame the Schools.

The article points out that when you have a monolithic monopoly public school system, everyone is fighting to get his philosophy taught.  The fight is so passionate because it goes beyond a philosophical fight and becomes a political fight.  The political power gained by having the public education/indoctrination system promoting your philosophy/agenda is tremendous.  The loss of that political power is terrifying to any political group.

In CATO’s words, “Moreover, because of the constantly looming threat of political domination, both creationists and evolutionists fear the slippery slope. They worry that if they allow any doubts to be aired about their beliefs, the total removal of those beliefs from the schools could follow.  Perhaps the most ironic outcome of all this warfare is that it often leaves all sides unhappy.”  Each side is paranoid about the other side’s political counter-attack.  And the battleground is our children’s classrooms.

CATO continues, “What we need to end disputes over human origins—and, for that matter, over sex education, phonics, multicultural history, and sundry other curricular tinderboxes—is to embrace liberty. We need school choice.” (my emphasis)

The article points out one advantage of providing school choice through tax credits, rather than vouchers.  One of the common complaints about vouchers is, “I don’t want my tax money used to teach ‘fill in the blank’.”  Tax credits remove this complaint because tax credit money never becomes tax money.  It is redirected before it makes its way into any government bank account.

Kudos to CATO for an excellent article!

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