Answer #6 The “No Research Shows Vouchers Work” Argument


The “No Research Shows Vouchers Work” Argument: No credible research shows that school choice raises student achievement.

Answer: Actually, exactly the opposite is true. There is no credible research that shows that school choice lowers student achievement.

One of the best books that addresses these arguments is Education Myths: What Special Interest Groups Want you to Believe about our Schools – and Why is Isn’t So by Jay P. Greene. He has been a professor of government at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Houston. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute’s Education Research Office.

He writes on page 149, “… the research on vouchers simply is not mixed or inconclusive. The highest quality research consistently shows that vouchers have positive effects for students that receive them.”

He points out on pages 150 and 151 that, “There have been eight “random-assignment” studies of five school voucher programs. … Random assignment is the gold standard of research designs. … Every one of the eight random-assignment studies finds at least some positive academic effects for students using a voucher to attend a private school. In seven of the eight studies the benefits for voucher recipients are statistically significant…”

Dr. Greene is aware of no research that shows a statistically significant lowering of student achievement from those who use vouchers.

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