How do we pass School Choice in Texas?


The education establishment in Texas is dead set against letting school choice becoming the law of the land. The biggest player in the game, the Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) will spend their last dollar to stop school choice. Why? Because they will become unnecessary and will lose all the power that they hold right now.

The TSTA is a powerful political force. Their weapons are,

  1. Serious money that they collect from most public school teachers.
  2. A built-in grassroots network, which is all public school employees located in every city and county in Texas.

The only way to go up against this political juggernaut is to match their strengths. At a minimum parents and businessmen must politically organize so that we can match the TSTA’s money and voices.

Impossible you say? What is the alternative? The alternative is to sit by and watch the next generation become more illiterate, more incarcerated, and less able to be a productive member of society. Let’s say in a unified voice to our legislators, “Let us choose our schools!”

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